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About Us

Holy Temple Cathedral of Praise is a ministry where the Word of God is honored and preached with power and anointing, resulting in spiritual deliverance from the clutches and vices of Satan and his demonic servants. As a God-ordained ministry we have been assigned by God, the responsibility of restructuring the Spirit, soul, and body of mankind, thus enabling mankind to become productive individuals in their home, community, and the Kingdom of God. Yes, we are a God-ordained deliverance ministry with signs and wonders following us. There have been many healed of cancer, heart problems, and limbs that were scheduled by the doctor to be amputated have been totally restored by the power of God. Lesbians, homosexuals, and drug addicts are continually being delivered and we give all the glory and praise to God.


Come and experience an awesome time of Worship and Word with us every Sunday Morning and Wednesday Night. 

You don't want to miss it. Yes, God is Moving Mightily and you want to be in the right position and the right place for breakthrough. Come and see for your self and I know you will come back over, and over again.

Place: Holy Temple Cathedral of Praise Ministry
Address: 205 N. Central Expressway (Holiday Inn Express)
                Allen, Texas 75013
                (972) 517-6269 
              Service Times:
Sunday Morning - 10:30AM
Bible Study - Every 2nd & 4th Wednesday Nights - 7:30PM 
 There is a word from Almighty God for You!  And You don't want to miss it!!! 
Our Objective

To develop and empower men and women of God with the knowledge and ability to win souls for the Kingdom of God. To spread "the Good News" which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. Thus, striving to assure that no one is lost but that all come into the knowledge of Christ.




Our Mission


Our Mission is to add to the Kingdom of God by Providing a Spiritual Atmosphere that will cause Deliverance to become manifest. We declare Deliverance not only to those with Spiritual Vices but those with Mental and Moral Vices as well.  Many have settled with becoming less than what God has ordained for them to become, by the mask of deception of the enemy of Low self-esteem and self- confidence, the dysfunctional of family and social morals, low educational levels, and that of sexual identity challenges, etcÃ?¢?Ã?¦ God has anointed this ministry to aid in the Removal of Burdens and the Destroying of Yolks; thus enabling Holy Temple Cathedral of Praise to become a Great and Mighty Army for the Lord Jesus Christ in this Present world.


"This Mission is not Building Based; Our Mission is Deliverance Based?




Our Motto

"One People, One Voice, One Vision"


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